6 Reasons to Take Someone to a Broadway Show on a Second Date

The first date went great, and now it’s time for the second. To make him (or her) want a third date, it’s important to come up with something memorable, fun, and unique. Here, readers will learn why they should go to one of the Broadway Shows Playing New York NYC on a second date.

It’s Just Sophisticated Enough

The theater is somewhat laid-back, yet glamorous, which means it’s okay to dress up a little, but not to look like a prom date. Stylish, but not stuffed-up; that’s the way to hit Broadway.

It’s Easier to Form an Emotional Connection

The theater is uniquely authentic, in that there are real people on stage, pouring their hearts into the performance. That brings a true emotional connection between the actors and the audience. These powerful shared experiences don’t happen at a movie theater.

You Can Belly Up to the Bar

Some people get nervous on dates, and cocktails may help them loosen up a bit. While there are numerous bars within walking distance, it’s easier to have a conversation in a quieter, more intimate setting. Most theaters on Broadway have bars, which makes dates easier.

No Post-Show Awkward Silences

While most people believe they’re great conversationalists, having a ready-made topic isn’t a bad thing on a second date. Awkward silences and bland small talk don’t usually happen during the time after a show. Take a date to a show, and have something to talk about at dinner afterward!

It’s Surprisingly Cost-Effective

An evening at a Broadway show can, in fact, cost less than a couple of movie tickets; however, it’s important to buy the tickets from the right source. After the second date is a rousing success (and it will be), it’s easy to afford that all-important third date.

It Offers a Truly Unique Experience That Lasts a Lifetime

While movies are great, they make for a bland, boring, and forgettable date. However, Broadway theater is on-the-spot, live, unedited, and because it happens right before the audience’s eyes, no two shows are exactly the same. Go to a show and make memories that last forever! Visit the website or call for more information.

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