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When consumers need or problem are solved by a new business venture in the market, the business venture is referred to as a start-up. Any new business venture that don’t intend to grow big is referred to as entrepreneurship while start-ups are those business ventures that growing big is one of their primary objective. Few start-ups usually grow to be large and influential as most start-ups face high rates of failure during their initial stage and some normally fall. The reason as to why most of the people despise start-ups is because of the low paying compared to other well established corporate that pay their employees well.

Working in a start-up has some various benefits compared to working in a well-established corporate company. Working in a start-up means that one will have more responsibility as they will be a part of a small team. This is very beneficial as one will have great responsibilities and a well-paying job when the start-ups grows to a big business venture. Versatility and productivity is improved when one takes a job in a start-ups company as they see nobody who is qualified to take the job more than them.

Employees always get to be given more opportunities comparing the fact that their degree wont march their pay. When the incentives of the two types of business are compared, the incentives that one get when working at a start-ups company is more important than the other one as one gets skills and opportunities when working at a start-ups company. A start-ups company benefits employees as most of them can do many different things that is not in their job description. This is usually beneficial to the employees as their morale might be boosted up when one does something that he or she thought they will never do yet they did it.

Employees in well-established corporate cannot learn from the true innovators when they work under managers who never created the company compared to the employees from the start-ups who actually learn from the true innovators of the company. A problem is being approached with a different perspective in a start-ups company as a result of the innovative and problem-solving mind that the entrepreneurs have compared to their counterparts who do not have that entrepreneurs mind. Managers in a big company might not recognize the hard work of each and every employee that is working for them compared to the entrepreneurs in a start-up company who never misses the each and every effort their employees give to the company.

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